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Network project: provides reliable solutions in the area of networking. We proved our significance so far in the area of networking with our hard work and dedication. We are providing customized solutions for facility management of IT Infrastructure. I-Net offers total business solutions to the organizations which enable them to run the business in fluent and efficacious manner. Networking became significant division of IT. I-Net is providing total IT infrastructure in Local Area Network and Wide Area Network. I-Net has the latest technology in network solutions and we have a dedicated team of experienced professionals. Our Technical Helpdesk has experienced supervisors and stringent quality standards to deliver services that consistently meet customer expectations. Help desk services are available on 24*7 basis.


We provides a wide range of IT services and solutions. We strive to resolve your current computer; network and server issues provide on-site support and monitor your network. At I-Net infotech we want to make sure your company data is backed up and secure and help you develop the best IT strategy for your business. Whether you run a home-based business, a medium sized corporation, or a large scale business with a complex network environment, we aim to provide you with the best service available for your company.

• Helps identify problems before they actually occur as experts monitor and troubleshoot your network systems.
• Smoother running networks allow less down time for the employees.
• It helps to free your staff from monitoring functions and spending time and resources on solving computer network problems.
• Have access to up-to-date security software and virus protection software.
• Lastly, you have the confidence that the domain experts properly look after your systems and you therefore, can concentrate on the business in hand without worrying about your server health.
• Automation of the configuration and provisioning of the server.
• Minimizing the cost and time taken associated with the task.
• Efficient management of geographically dispersed computer network equipments.


• On-site support
• Remote Monitoring
• Back-up
• Spam Filtering
• Anti-Virus
• Network Design
• Consulting
• IT Strategy
• Server installation/maintenance.
• Active Directory deployment and management
• Exchange Server deployment and management (Other mail systems used and managed as well)
• OS Hardening


Cyber crime and data loss due to lack of contingency plan have become the greatest enemies of small and medium size businesses. Attack and hacking methodologies are ever changing and unless you constantly track your network assets you will quickly become vulnerable to attacks, viruses, data loss, etc. We provide a proactive and evolving security service that gives you peace of mind to concentrate on your core business responsibilities. Here are some of the steps involved in our basic Security assessment:

• Network, server, and infrastructure assessment
• Authentication, authorization and accounting review (AAA)
• Analysis of information security policies and procedures
• Router, Firewall, IDS, IPS rule-set, and configuration reviews
• Internal and external penetration testing